Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bronze

Well, to say the puppies made a splash up at The Bronze weekend in Canada (May 1 - 3 2009) is an understatement. I don't mind bragging since all I'm doing is reporting the judge's opinion:)
I haven't posted in a long while, so I am playing catch-up. Please indulge me. Marion and I decided to try and get ROM points on both Huey and Rose, so we planned on just going to specialty shows for a while. The Bronze weekend is a big bull terrier specialty weekend just north of Niagara Falls, with the added benefit of being able to pick up Canadian points. Five shows in three days. Exhausting but a helluva lota fun.

To give the pups some real ring experience, I brought them to a small show in RI the weekend before. Rose took a Terrier Puppy Group 2 and Huey took G3!

Up in Canada, we had one of those weekends that sometimes come but once in a lifetime. The pups were in the 6 to 9 month classes and each of them won their FIVE classes over the weekend. Huey went on to win Winners Dog both Friday (under Ray Sharp) and Sunday (under Mark Phillips). Huey won Best Puppy at one show and Rose won it the other four times.

Rose won The Open Show (under Sandee Frascone), with Huey taking Best of Opposite Sex. Rose also won the Sweepstakes on Sunday with Huey again taking BOS. All told we got their names on four different permanent silver trophies, following in other Winsor dog's footprints.
Miss Java (Ch. Winsor's Hot Mocha Java ROM) took Best of Opposite Sex on Sunday. She is in the picture below. Many people think she is Rose's mother, but she isnt! They do look cute standing side by side. Rose looks like a Mini-me version of Java.
Freeman and I were flying in and out of the rings so many times, I think poor little Rose was in the ring 8 times on Saturday! She was an extraordinary trooper and never lagged energy. Wish I could say the same about the humans on the ends of the lead!

If you are a Bull Terrier fancier and like to show you must come to this weekend. It is always fun, with the added excitement of showing the whites and coloreds together (as they do in every country other than the US!).

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Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

Congrats on all your wins - they were very exciting to watch - and exciting to hear about them now. Great pics

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ