Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fourth Month

Wow, having never kept two siblings together for so long is an experience. They get cranky with one another at times. Being an only child myself, I can only try to sympathize. But seriously, they are very good puppies and both Huey (the white male) and Rose (the tri bitch) whom I have kept are working their ways into our hearts.

Here are some pics taken at almost 4 months, when their ears were still struggling to come up.

Rose is very proportional and compact. I call her my pocket puppy. It is odd for me to think that Java was 60 pounds at 6 months! Rose is feminine, square, small-ish but great bone for her size.

Her front teeth are in a fabulous scissor configuration, with some space between top and bottom, which Marion claims means that her head can or will turn more. At about 4 1/2 months, her canines came in and cleared the outside of her gums! A perfect bite! When they first started coming up, there was no way I thought they would be correct. Marion, of course, had seen this dozens of times before and assured me it would be fine. I love her feet, too.
Her profile is very correct, not exaggerated like Huey's. There is simply no dip at all.

As compact as Rose is, Huey is tall and long. He is still proportionate but he looks like a Great Dane puppy right now....if a Dane had a showstopping bull terrier head! His profile is to-die for. His eyes incredibly small, deep and properly angled. His front scissor bite has room to spare although I cant see how his head could turn more. His canines are still coming up. He has so much loose skin he looks like he could be 80# if he grows into it. I love his expression, which Pam Rys was able to see at 3 weeks!

Here are pics of Momma Hope (on top left) as a baby and Huey (on bottom right) at about the same age....
His nose is continuing to fill in. Some people have asked me about his hearing. All the puppies in the litter passed their BAER tests with flying colors. They can hear, altho Rose and Huey still routinely ignore me. I find myself saying to them "I know you can hear me!".....doesnt do any good LOL

They will be six months old April 22nd. We cant wait to show them and we are bringing them up to The Bronze in Canada.

I will get to visit the other tri sister, Caia, and the brindle brother, Iko, this weekend. Stay tuned for their pics.