Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Legacy Hughes Your Daddy of Winsor at The Bronze Weekend

The first weekend of May I always head up to the Bull Terrier Fanciers Association show weekend in the Niagara Falls area. Its about a 7 hour drive and the falls - and the dog show - never disappoint. I brought my litter-mates, Legacy Lucky Rose of Winsor (Rose) and Legacy Hughes Your Daddy of Winsor (Baby Huey). You can just barely see Huey's fawn-ish/red-ish mark on the base of his left ear. Baby Huey is shown in the above head study.

The siblings are 18 months old and we did pretty well! Huey took Reserve Winners Dog in two of the four shows and Rose took Winners Bitch in one show picking up her first Canadian points. These were particularly poignant wins for me as it was the first weekend I have ever shown in Bred-by-Exhibitor. Feels great!

Here are some more pics of Huey, courtesy of Greg Dress, a co-owner of Huey's sister Caia. In this first one he is standing so nicely for me. We are thrilled with his gorgeous head, tiny eye and perfect bite. He also is a complete mush and nice to have around the house:
In the next picture we are both doing what we are supposed to be doing, which is not always the case! He is free-stacked fairly well and I am far away from him, allowing the judge, Roz Clamper, a good look:

The last pic is Huey jumping for joy. We are near the steward's table awaiting a ribbon. Job well done!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moses Acosta - Bull Terrier Lover

This is my dad - the man who brought bull terriers into my life. He bought me my first, a fawn and white girl named Lily, when I was nine years old. No one has been a greater supporter of my showing and breeding than my dad. He loves each and every one of these critters. My dad lives in NYC and he hadn't seen any of the BTs in a while....he needed a bully fix. So last Saturday we drove into the city with Rose (Legacy Lucky Rose of Winsor) in tow. She had met my dad about 1 year ago; she didn't need to be reminded! I plopped her on the couch as I thought it would be the easiest way to get a picture of them both, and I quickly snapped these in less than a minute. I accused him of hiding liver behind his ear, but no, it was just the combination of a very sweet girl and a man who loves the dogs - and they know it! The pics are shown in order as the love unfolded.