Friday, December 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I love living in the backwoods of Massachusetts but we have no high speed connections! Among other things it makes it very difficult to post pictures! Here, better now than never, are pics of the pups at One month and One Day.

Below is our one white male, still Un-named. Marion is beginning to like him A Lot. When we was a week or two old I noticed what was then a very small colored area at the base of his ear. It looked fawn to me from the get-go and low and behold, it is!

Here is our brindle boy who has the shortest back of them all. I think he had an itch because that back leg was just going and going and I couldnt get a good pic. I call him Buddy, but that's just because he IS my buddy. Not sure of what his name will eventually be.

Next is our larger white girl. She still is showing the most bone of any of them:

The tri girl with the white splash on her back is going to be a great show dog. She is the one in the litter with the most alert expression and attitude to spare. Her body is looking great ....and for now, ALL of their bites are looking good including canines:

Below is "baby Hope". Comparing Momma Hope's baby pics with this girl and they look so much alike. She is the smallest, being more feminine than her sisters, but her head is the best of the bunch. Marion loves her, as you can see:

Rose is our tri girl with the solid black back. She is turning into a lovely girl who we think will great for all-round as well as specialties:

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