Monday, December 29, 2008

8 1/2 Weeks Old and How to Place a Show Puppy

I have been with Marion for almost 10 years and I have Never seen her place a puppy before 12 weeks of age. Well, that changed with this litter as we placed our first baby at 8 1/2 weeks.

We consider ourselves blessed to have found Melissa and Greg and welcome them into the Legacy/Winsor family. More to the point, they found us. They came to Westminster 2008 and searched out the BTs, where we exchanged business cards. Melissa has wanted a bully for years. She is a groomer and comfortable with all kinds of dogs and they have both been dog owners. They followed up with a phone call, then drove almost 6 hours to come visit. They then joined the BTCA AND came to Silverwood, using up their only vacation week. This is all before they owned a BT. They impressed everyone they spoke to; their knowledge and passion is obvious. At the mention of a dog, Melissa could recite a one, if not a two, generation pedigree! She has been looking to get into showing and we sponsored her BTCA membership and asked her to wait for one of our pups. They were more than happy to wait for the Hope/Grimi babies. Here are some pics of the litter at 8 1/2 weeks.

This is Baby Huey, who will be Legacy Hughes Your Daddy of Winsor, with Marion. His left ear is mostly fawn in color (which you can barely see in the second pic) and quite distinctive:
Below is Legacy Lucky Rose of Winsor, the tri girl we have kept.  She is playing with Momma Hope in the second picture. Hope, as you can see, is still nursing.

Next is my Buddy; my baby brindle boy. This was his first venture into a large side yard and he is watching his brothers and sisters in the first pic.

Here in the pic below he is in the middle of a hucklebutt:

Here is Hope with the smallest baby, Glo "aka Baby Hope". She has Momma's lovely turn to her head:

Here is two of us trying to get Glo to "stack" LOL:

Marion and I decided early on that the pick show pup that we were willing to let go, would go to Melissa and Greg. We kept them in the loop during Hope's pregnancy and whelping. As the babies began to show their virtues, Marion and I honed in on the tri girl with the white splash on her back as a great bitch for them. She has a fabulous body, an extremely alert expression, energy and a head and total package that we believe will work in both all-round and specialty venues. That said, Melissa and Greg wanted to come up for two days, spend time with the litter, get to know them, and see if indeed that girl clicked. They all fell in love! Here are some pics of them socializing with their new baby. We think this will be a long relationship; look for them at shows with us!

After Greg, Melissa and "Caia" got home to NJ, Greg got busy with photoshop and created a triptych of Momma Hope, Caia and Daddy Grimi:

Here is a pic of our other white girl, who I have referred to in previous posts as our big boned gal. Yes, she is peeing; it is the only time I could get her being still that day!

Here is David, our babies "Daddy" meeting and hanging out with Huey and Rose for the first time:

And last but not least, here is a photo of my Dad, Moses Acosta, who along with Marion is the reason I have chosen LEGACY as my kennel name. He gave me my first BT when I was 9 years old. These are his great-grand children! He is holding Buddy.

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