Sunday, September 7, 2008

Its a Family Affair

My son Freeman Wilson is as active as I am in the bull terrier world. In fact, in some arenas I am known as "Freeman's Mom"! Freeman asked to learn how to handle dogs at the age of 12. He is now 18 and there is no turning back. He was a natural from the beginning and has won many prestigious awards.

Here are some pics (yes I am a very proud kid and dog mom):

This first picture to the left was Freeman at age 12 showing his very first show dog, Belle. He finished her Championship as well as her ROMs (Recognition of Merits). She is formally known as Ch. Winsor's Beton Double Down ROM. He is currently showing her daughter, Domino, show in the next pic, known as Winsor's Mah Jong Dominique. This was taken at her first show as a puppy where she beat a few Champions and generally made a splash onto the show scene. Freeman has become a sought after handler and will handle dogs for other people on occasion.

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La Mere said...

I was visiting Marion at her house and she mentioned she had to travel to Ohio to support a young Jr Handler who has one of her puppies. She went on and on how there aren't too many Jr Handlers and said he was doing good. Then when I was watching Westminster there he was in his first biggest event televised for the world to see. He did a magnificent job. You could see that the dog loved him. Many handlers overhandle in Group situations but Freeman had it altogether. Marion was right, he is good.