Sunday, September 7, 2008

Check out the New On-Line Magazine

See the URL link down in the right column or go to to see the premier issue of this fabulous new bull terrier ezine. Brought to us by none other than June Krukenkamp of TNG Bull Terriers and Dalmations. June is the award-winning Fergie's momma. When I was first on the BT show scene, the hot little red and white Fergie was at her peak and I was awestruck by her showmanship. Not all BTs are natural show-girls, but Fergie turned it on in the ring! This new magazine is jam packed with kennel ads featuring stunning pictures and also has informative educational content, so check it out soon. The pic above is none other than Fergie herself, Ch. Buoy's TNT at TNG. Check out Page 4 of the ezine to see my ad for Ch. Winsor's Hot Mocha Java ROM.

June, Good Luck with the Magazine!


Ironsides said...

Dede, WOW, Celebrating a third generation bull terrier family, what a great way to do it... Your blog starts out as a great history of your family, and Winsor Bull Terriers. I can see how it's a real "Family Affair". I'll look forward to hearing about your family's Legacy... Good luck to you and Freeman. Paul, from Ironsides on the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Bullistic Bull Terriers said...

I'll be sure to bookmark your blog and check back often! Nicely done Dede...and bravo to you doing one. I've thought...repeat doing one for a long time so nice to see one done about bt's done this way!

Anonymous said...

Dede, Do you sleep? lol. Love the new kennel name - very catchy and with a nice personal meaning for you.

Great job!

Carla Cummins

Groomer Ang said...

Beautiful babies, Dede! Of course, since they are Bullies, they are ALL beautiful! Very well done so far, can't wait to read more & to read your upcoming food blog.
Angie, Robert, Feather, Darla & Pappy

Norma said...

Great job Dede. Love the old time photos. GREAT shot of the beautiful Java too!!

Magor BTs

Moon Mountain Bullies said...

Dede, you are AMAZING! Thanks so much for taking the time to create such a heartfelt,fun & informative resource. Where do you get the energy? The shots are Freeman are great..You have done a wonderful job passing the torch! I look forward to checking in to see your new entries!

and Domino, of course!