Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of Week 3

Well, somehow the girls dominated! Most of the pics of the black brindle boy didnt come out, so all I have is one of him sleeping! Here is The Captain
In general they are all walking around, eyes bright and shiny and they are attempting to escape their whelping box area. If they get out, Hope gets upset and makes lots of noise until we help get them back into their box. She is still nursing, but in general she wants to be away from them.

Here is the brindle girl with the most white on her face. We are so happy with their short backs!
Here she is from the front with her nose pigment coming in.Look at the size of her feet! There is a lot of bone in this litter.

I know human moms arent supposed to have favorites, but I am in love with the little black brindle girl. She looks like a little plush toy! There is this feminine, sweet quality to her. I cant keep my eyes off of her! She reminds me of Beckett when he was a baby.
I mean, look at this face! Im thinking of naming her Legacy Vivacious of Winsor and calling her Vi (long "i") for short.
Here is the other brindle girl with the mustache. I have to get more pics of her too! She has a similar body type to her brindle sister. All of their mouths are Way over. Dont think we will have to worry about reverse scissor issues, but will keep an eye on the canines.
And here is the white girl and her nice short back. We cant find a speck of color on her...yet. Im still looking. She is Freeman's favorite, but then again her Mom was his first show dog that he trained from 8 weeks onward.
Here is Freeman being silly and playing with the babies. Yes, I gave this one a raspberry on her belly right after the pic was taken.

The white girl in the pic below looks like a manatee! To me anyway...

But I dont know if manatees can smile like this:)

And here is a bonus pic of a baby Shih Tzu! There was a litter of 3 nearby and I was snapping pics for them.

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Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

too precious - those are some gorgeous puppies

Woodrow - Sweetie - Sherman