Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Legacy Babies at 2 Weeks of Age

Hope and Grimi's babies are 2 weeks old and they are extremely fat and happy. Hope must have rich milk because they are not constant feeders, but obviously what they get is filling them up quite well. Hope is raw fed and I like to think her excellent diet has something to do with the vigor these puppies display. 

This first series of pics is our brindle boy, whom I am calling Little Buddy for now, because he is just that. His eyes are still closed yet he hears and smells me and comes right over. I birthed him and I think he imprinted on me! He is so fat that David thought we should name him Jimmy Dean (like the sausage). 

Here is the only other male in the litter. At first we thought he was white with a tri-color ear. Now we are thinking it is red-smut, which would be great for our breeding program, if he turns out to be of that caliber. He is still not as bright white as his sisters as his meconium stains are still fading. Even with all of his Momma's licking, he is still not bright white!

Below is Rose, or as she will be registered, Legacy Lucky Rose of Winsor. She started out as the "large tri girl" although she and her tri-colored sister are the same size already. She has lovely markings.

This is Winsor's Glorious Legacy, whom we call Glo. She is the biggest boned of the bunch. Maybe we should name her Big Boned Gal. She is such a chunker! It will be interesting to see if this holds true as she develops. BJ thought we should name them all after sausages, like Bratwurst! Hey, its food and somewhere down the line I should have a food-themed litter:). 

Below is the other tri-colored girl. She has a white splash on her back to distinguish her from her sister. She also looks to have a great head and back. 

And finally, our other solid white girl, who while not as big boned as her sister, is showing other virtues of her own. Marion is interested in seeing how her head develops. She has a lot of length, which in Marion's experience, often allows quite a bit of turn to develop.

The pups largely cooperated and weren't too wiggly during their photo shoot. These sandals to the left are the flower patterned shoes that Marion was wearing during the whelping that inspired "Rose's" name.

I leave you with two adorable chunky butts - Glo and Little Buddy. 

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