Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Litter: Ch. Winsors Hot Mocha Java ROM x UK Ch. Emred Huntsman

I am please to announce our litter, out of my lovely big tri girl, "Java", mated to a handsome English chap, "Monty", better known as Ch. Emred Hunstman. Birth Day was February 22nd.

Here is the Momma

Here is the Daddy

We have a litter of FIVE BOYS! Three white and two red smut and white. One of the white boys has some color on his right ear...looks like it will be a tiny splash of tri-coloring.

Here are some wet pics, taken at birth and a few hours later:

And here they are one by one a few days later:

Here are their 3 week pics...more to come


miles to go said...

Those are some mighty cute puppies, Dede! I'm sure you are soaking up the puppy breath!!

Timmy said...

How adorable is this!

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